Spring Racing Carnival 2016 Part 1: Dress Code & Guidelines

Welcome to part 1 of my Spring Racing Carnival series. Here you'll find the rules and guidelines, then you can move on to Race Day Summaries and Ideas and Inspiration.

With the 2016 Spring Racing Carnival looming, it's time to start planning, or at least thinking about, your outfits. With aggregate attendance of over 300,000 people across four race days, the stakes are high! Whether your intention is to showcase your style or just blend in, you definitely don't want to be pulled up for inappropriate attire or looking shabby.

While there are different dress codes for different areas, the universally acceptable dress code is that of the Members' area. Guidelines and rules are as follows:

Men are required to wear a suit comprised of: tailored slacks/chinos, blazer/jacket, shirt, tie, socks and dress shoes. Overseas visitors are welcome to wear the formal national dress of their country.

Not acceptable

  • Joggers, sneakers, trainers, sandals, dilapidated footwear, gumboots, slippers, etc.

  • Shoes without socks

  • Jeans, jodhpurs, shorts, untailored slacks or cargo pants

  • Torn or ripped clothing

  • Open-neck shirts or shirts with no collar

  • Non-blazer jackets, such as parkas, duffle coats, windbreakers, tracksuit tops, weatherproofs, etc

  • Novelty suits

  • Peaked caps, beanies

  • Pullovers or cardigans without a jacket

  • Cravats

  • Denim

See full rules here.

Now that you know the rules, let's move on to a summary of the carnival and the individual race days!