Spring Racing Carnival 2016 Part 2: Race Days

Now that we've covered the dress code and rules of men's suiting for the Spring Racing Carnival, let's move onto the actual carnival and the different race days.

Derby Day: 90,000 attendees. Black and white theme. More elegant. Flower of the day is the Cornflower. Wear tonal clothing - black, white and grey - and keep it sophisticated.

Melbourne Cup Day: 100,000 attendees. Bold colour theme. More vibrant. Flower of the day is the Yellow Rose. Go big or go home. Bright colours and big patterns, keeping it fun but sophisticated.

Oaks Day: 60,000 attendees. Known as Ladies' Day. Traditionally more feminine with softer/lighter colours. Flower of the day is the Pink Rose. You should go softer today, in honour of 'the fairer sex'. Don't be scared of pastels.

Stakes Day: 70,000 attendees. More relaxed theme. Garden party vibe. Flower of the day is the Red Rose. You can go a bit more relaxed and show a bit more personality.

Now that we've covered the different race days, let's just jump in the deep end with Ideas & Inspiration!

See below for a little bit of inspiration in the meantime, from my own catalogue of outfits.