There's a new wave of impressive men showcasing their style on Instagram and you need to know who they are. Among the plethora of guys doing great things, these are the top 13 men's fashion/style Instagram blogs that you should be following.

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Chris Burt-Allan: @chrisburtallan

1. @chrisburtallan Founder of A Stylish Man, this Australian blogger effortlessly weaves travel, lifestyle and fashion content into an immaculately curated journal of his travels. If you're not already following him on Instagram then get on board. Follow him for a well-curated mix of travel, lifestyle, fashion and candid Instagram stories.

Adam Gallagher: @iamgalla

2. @iamgalla Adam Gallagher, godfather of the men's blogging sphere, gets an honorable mention on this list because, while he's hasn't just emerged recently, he's raised the profile of the men's blogging domain. Based in New York but travelling frequently, follow him for a drool-worthy insights into a very intellectual and enviable lifestyle.

Sage Goldnik: @sagegoldnik

3. @sagegoldnik Former pro hockey player and skateboarder, this French blogger has a cult following, perhaps due to his impeccable balance of swagger, attitude and inclusivity. Follow him to catch his adventures from country to country and event to event.

Alexander Liang: @alexanderkenton

4. @alexanderkenton The only Canadian on the list, this blogging dynamo takes a different approach to his blog. By adding videography and mesmerising third party videos to his superb street style posts, this cool Canuck creates a great mix of extremely compelling content. Follow this trailblazer for a slew of posts with varying themes and formats that will make you wonder where the last hour went.

Jordan Turner: @mrturner

5. @mrturner A welcome addition to the men's style army, the Wonder from Down Under has a killer sense of both fashion and style, and a great personality to boot. Mr Turner does deconstructed tailoring and summer layering like no other. Based in Sydney, Jordan is one to watch with big things to come. Follow him now to enjoy the fact that you were onto him before he skyrocketed onto the global stage.

Marcel Floruss: @marcelfloruss

6. @marcelfloruss Similar to old mate Mr Gallagher, this German dude is an incumbent in the men's blogging sphere. The founder of One Dapper Street and ex-dancer now calls New York home and happily shares his life and adventures with his ever-growing following. Marcel is widely known as a friendly and approachable guy, so go and follow him and hope that you cross paths with him one day.

Manuel Ordovás: @mordovas

7. @mordovas A PR whiz and fashion photographer from Madrid, this extremely likable guy will treat you an array of beautiful pictures showcasing his life, wardrobe, style and personality. Follow this lovable chap for an endless source of effortless and elegant looks, often commissioned by the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, COS, GQ and Armani.

Erik Wertz: @bluecollarprep

8. @bluecollarprep This Brooklyn born-and-raised fella must be the most stylish guy at any school pickup, worldwide. Oozing both style and affection for his family, this is an extremely respectable guy who will show you a load of beautifully styled items that are perfect for the guy on the go. This is a man with his head screwed on right that makes you feel like a better person for following him. So go and follow him.

Christian Bendek: @christianbendek

9. @christianbendek The self-professed Caribbean King, Christian is a reliable source of wanderlust-inducing tropical imagery. A PR whiz and veritable cool kid, this dashing dude will make you question your life choices with his very chic and sun-drenched life. Follow him for style inspiration revolving around an endless summer with strong European influence.

Matthias Geerts: @matthiasgeerts

10. @matthiasgeerts Matthias is a Belgian blogger with blogging experience beyond his years. A regular at European fashion weeks, he's a favourite of many European menswear brands. Follow him as he shows off his latest projects, across the many facets of his life.

Alexander Atkins: @mressentialist

11. @mressentialist With surely one of the greatest design eyes in NYC, Alexander Atkins shows us the most serene snippets of an all-out beautiful life. This architect clearly has his little black book down-pat and can evidently see the beauty that others do not. As the name suggests, Mr Essentialist will show you the most beautiful basics across food, decor and menswear spheres, complemented by his aforementioned eye for design and composition.

Eff Ulloa: @eff.ulloa

12. @eff.ulloa This very stylish guy is the founder of @mensfashionpost: an absolute standout among the plethora of men's fashion 'business' pages. Eff has a beautifully curated selection of great pictures that will take you on his journey of business development and discovery.

Everett Williams: @everettwilliams

13. @everettwilliams This ex-NYC Los Angeles transplant epitomises that exact demographic with his edgy style, enviable physique, frequent travel and killer wardrobe. This burgeoning blogger is skilled at evoking moods through his crisp images, and effortlessly weaves brands and cultural symbols throughout his gallery. Follow this guy for some well-rounded inspiration across the fitness, fashion and lifestyle realms.

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