As is the case with the best male bloggers, there's a new wave of very talented female bloggers rising up the ranks. These girls are beautiful, stylish and smart, and you need to know who they are.

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@thehautepursuit This well-respected and experienced blogger will seduce you with her exquisite imagery and very discerning attitude. Her very coherent and elegant feed is filled with dramatic shots of beautifully styled outfits and you'll love every addition to her Instagram account.


@helenchikx This beach babe will impress you with her down-to-earth attitude and bold styling choices. She'll impress you with her vivid, editorial imagery and magnificent outfits, often the result of a flawless combination of flirty feminine and boyish pieces. Check her out, it'll all make sense.


@sincerelyjules A veritable juggernaut in the wider blogging sphere, this very capable Californian will take you on her selective meanderings around downtown Los Angeles. Follow her for a very enchanting mix of fashion, flowers, food and - quite frankly - badass stret style.


@saasha_burns A model, writer and creative, this Melbourne-based triple-threat will lure you into her very beautiful world through unpretentious written and visual snippets of her life and travels. This enigmatic blogger defies all archetypes with her intelligent and creative approach to photography and writing. Follow her for a steady stream of images that will make you wonder how on earth one person can be so lovable, beautiful and effortlessly stylish.


@yoyokulala This Singapore-based beauty will surprise and delight you with her fun and fearless attitude towards fashion. Widely known for her creativity and flair for styling, her editorial acumen and wide skill set have caught the eye of Chanel, Gucci, Fendi & Dior.


@beigerenegade A skilled photographer - or perhaps artist - this Perth-based blogger creates beautiful and moody images that tie together key themes of wardrobe, styling and interiors. This sometimes-Lawyer's feed is like a constantly evolving editorial. Follow her for beautiful, dramatic images infused with epic styling.


@thefashionguitar This successful blogger's Instagram feed is a candid portal to her multifaceted life. With a stream of candid and spontaneous shots, this maven takes you on her travels, from fashion week to her living room to tropical getaways, and everything in between.


@jessalizzi A personal style aficionado, this Melbourne-based blogger is well-versed in making spectacular style statements. Known to be a trailblazer in the style stakes, Jess combines unexpected items to create diverse looks that are tied together by their casual-luxe vibes. Follow this unpretentious blogger and sartorial mixologist for some seriously fresh styling ideas.


@gabriellabjersland This Swedish-born, Sydney-based blogger takes an architectural approach to fashion. True to her background, this glamourpuss fills her feed with Scandinavian simplicity combined with Australian unpretentiousness. Think elegant deconstruction, angelic fabrics and showstopping design pieces. Follow this stylish beauty for a never-ending source of inspiring, intellectual imagery


@ngoldenberg This former fashion journalist and buyer from Russia is a favorite on blogger lists and street style blogs due to her defiant attitude, unpretentious style and access to designer clothing. Now based in New York, this popular personality fills her Instagram feed with unpretentious shots of her very glamorous and intriguing life.


@klarabellle This burgeoning newcomer is perhaps the most style-oriented blogger on this list, with her plentiful closeups of exquisite product detailing and bold styling. Sticking to her mantra "I choose fashion", this very popular and engaging newbie is quickly building a strong following of adoring fashion-forward fans. Follow her for innovative styling and images of clothing that are so clear that you can almost feel the texture.


@margaret__zhang An honorable mention due to her long reign as the pre-eminent Australian high-fashion blogger, Margaret is a creative dynamo with skills across conceptualisation, photography, styling and and journalism. Follow her for very intriguing and measured insights into her boundary-pushing life.


@_yanyanchan A self-professed content curator, this Sydney-based blogger has a serious flair for injecting energy into her images. Without much rhyme or reason, this lively lass with keep you guessing with her steady stream of beautiful, quirky and dynamic imagery.

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