In preparation for National Cognac Day on June 4, Rémy Martin sent a small group of influencers around Manhattan on a fleet of customized vintage sidecar motorbikes. Guests were instructed to meet at midday at Marc Forgione's namesake restaurant in Tribeca, where they were met with a fleet of customized sidecar bikes emblazoned with Rémy Martin imagery. After changing into custom jackets and donning matching helmets, and capturing the moment with an abundance of photos and videos, the fleet of bikes took guests around New York City, from Tribeca to Gramercy Park and everywhere in between. This sidecar tour of NYC was accompanied by an evening cocktail event at Marc Forgione in Tribeca, where guests were treated to signature sidecar cocktails with unique spins paired with food created by Marc Forgione himself. Rémy Martin was paying homage to the traditional sidecar cocktail, made with orange liqueur and lemon juice. Although the cognac Sidecar has a disputed history, Rémy Martin believes it was created at Bar Hemingway at the Hôtel Ritz in Paris. In addition to the classic 'sidecar' cocktail, the following concoctions were served at the event:

  • Dusk To Dawn, created by Ulysses Vidal at Employees Only in NYC

  • #ThatsWhatILike, created by Greg Innocent at The Bassment in Chicago

  • The Outfit, created by Dustin Newsome at Bar Clacson in Los Angeles

The exceedingly cool crowd, which included DJ Kitty Kash, designer Carlos Campos, model Shanina Shaik and several well-known bloggers, seemed to grow and grow until the event finished and the restaurant closed for the night.

Now all we have to do is wait until June 4 to celebrate National Cognac Day for real! Ladies and gentlemen, learn your cognac cocktails!