Ralph Lauren is one of those brands that, when asked to partner with, you just don't say no. One of the most recognisable brands in the world, Ralph Lauren commands the sort of power, recognition and respect that nearly every brand in the world aspires to create.

So when I received that email, while in Paris for Paris Men's Fashion Week, asking me to partner with them for Polo Ralph Lauren's Limited Edition Collection, I didn't think twice. It took me, from when I received the proposal out of the blue, a total of nine minutes to reply confirming my participation. I've had a few moments in my career that I would describe as 'pinch myself moments', and this was one of them.

I can't remember what my first memory of of Ralph Lauren was. It was probably during high school, when I started pushing my independence, roaming the city and exploring my interests. I don't even think the brand even had a footprint in Western Australia at that point - the main department store stocked a small selection of products, and would showcase them using Ralph Lauren imagery. This was probably the context in which I first saw the world of Ralph Lauren and, ever since then, the brand has been omnipresent, serving a quintessential American aesthetic to the rest of the world, reaching every corner that I've lived in.

Beyond my own familiarity with the brand, I have long been associated with the juggernaut that is Ralph Lauren. During my modelling years, and even during my subsequent corporate career - all prior to my blogging career - I was told countless times that I am "so Ralph Lauren" and always got a little thrill when people such as bookers, casting directors and agents would say, with that sort of absent-minded, visionary tone, "I see you.... for Polo Ralph Lauren... oh, Ralph Lauren would love you". Well, as much as I thought that it was a little whimsical... I guess they were right.

Ralph Lauren confirmed me as a face of Polo's Limited Edition Collection in June 2017. For the rest of the year I'll be working with the brand, promoting each of the five shirts that are part of the collection. One shirt will be released each month until December, with each design inspired by a different element of the brand's heritage.