Depending on how long you've been following my style catalogue, you might know that I love sunglasses. While I love to play around with seasonal and edgy styles, I've always had a go-to style: a square, black frame with opaque lenses. This preference started when I found a pair of beaten-up black Ray-Ban wayfarers at a music festival when I was a teenager. I trashed them even more, but just kept wearing them.

*Cue Chimi Eyewear*

Chimi Eyewear recently emailed me, saying that they'd like to send me some sunglasses. By coincidence, I had just sneakily borrowed a friend's Chimi sunglasses, with no knowledge of the brand. So when I received the email, I jumped online to check out the full range. What I loved immediately is that they have small number of shapes and a small number of colours, with every combination of shape and colour available for purchase.

While I knew they had some amazing on-trend pieces - think clear frames and lenses in warm summer colours - I was excited to find that they also had a black option and a very sexy square shape! Needless to say, that combination was my first choice.

When my delivery arrived, I was absolutely stoked: the packaging was great and the sunglasses came with a hard cover, soft cover/pouch and lens cleaner. Furthermore, the fit was perfect, the shape was exactly as I hoped, and the quality/construction was great. The icing on the cake was the inscription on the inside on the arm - see picture below!

Man, I just love well-made products with great design... especially when they're also reasonably priced!


Since I started wearing these sunglasses two months ago, I've had a tonne of questions and comments about them. I relayed this back to Chimi, and they offered me a discount code for you guys, which I thought was cute!

15% Off Chimi Eyewear Promo Code: 'CHRIS'

You can find my beloved square, black style here

You're so welcome!