Smashed Avo Guacamole

So, I'm a true avocado enthusiast. Unlike those that have recently been indoctrinated via the smashed avo movement, I grew up in an 'avocado house'. As a snack before dinner, we would often have half an avocado with the seed pit filled with french dressing. Eating it right out of the skin, without any mashing, smashing, blitzing or blending, I became very discerning [i.e. fussy AF] about the firmness, ripeness and flavour of the avocados. Given that I'd always go grocery shopping with my mum [total mumma's boy, obv.], I got good at picking the best avocados.

Fast-forward a couple of decades - I find myself in Los Angeles, where I can buy avocados without having to take out a mortgage or rob a bank. To be specific, I can buy 10 avocados for $4.99 at my local supermarket, Trader Joes West Hollywood, and have done so twice in the last three days. With the freedom to buy avocados to my heart's content, I have been whipping up batches of guacamole and smashed avo. And when I say 'whipping up', I mean 'preparing'; if you whip your avocados, I will come to your house and whip you. That is, unless you're making an avocado chocolate mousse... different story. Anyway, I digress - my guac and smashed avo are great. I don't think I've ever had better of either dish elsewhere, and wanted to share the recipes with you.

For simplicity, I'll start with the guacamole prep-work, then go into the smashed avo recipe, which you can have on toast or combine to make guacamole.


  • quarter of a large red onion, diced (not minced, maybe 3-8mm diameter)

  • half a jalapeño, seeds removed and diced very finely (almost minced)

  • four tomatoes, diced and dried well with paper towels (this sounds like a lot but it reduces a lot without all of the extra liquid)


  • four avocados (look for: soft at the base without a mushy apex)

  • two lemons or limes (look for: thin, waxy skin and soft, juicy feel)

  • a teaspoon of salt

  • cracked pepper

  • chilli flakes (I would say a tablespoon, but just add 'to taste')

  1. Cut avocados in half and remove the seed

  2. 'Criss-cross' cut the flesh and scoop out with spoon, so as to avoid mashing the flesh

  3. Juice the lemons all over the flesh, to prevent browning

  4. Add smashed avo add-ins or guacamole add-ins

  5. Add the salt, pepper and chilli flakes

  6. Mix gently (and then mash it a little bit if you so desire)


  • handful of mint leaves, shredded/sliced

  • handful of basil leaves, shredded/sliced

  • fist-sized portion of crumbled soft feta (esp. goats' feta... and you can reduce salt with this add-in)

  • mashed peas (I feel like this was designed to economise but it's actually quite tasty)

  • olive oil or truffle olive oil (better drizzled on top than mixed in)