Apparently the greatest pleasure comes when we feel free and liberated to let go and indulge in what we truly love, without fear of judgement. As someone who has always been aware of the oppressive and self-limiting effects of fear of judgement, I have always loved existing in supportive and open-minded environments. Given that freedom and inspiration is instrumental in my work, and life in general, I was excited to hear that this exact concept was being explored in a new book by Magnum Photos, in collaboration with Magnum ice cream.

The project basically celebrates those who go beyond judgments and live their true pleasure as if nobody is watching, as captures by various Magnum Photos photographers in a series of 40 images. Seeing these various depictions of pleasure, and contemplating this philosophy about pleasure, I got to thinking about when I have felt most free and open to pleasure and decided to take a look through my archives.

I came to the conclusion that the most free that I have felt in recent - recallable - times was when I visited a remote beach in Somerset, as part of a road-trip into the unknown. Below you can find a selection of images from the times spent at a particular beach that I repeatedly returned to. You can view the Magnum by Magnum book here.

This post was written as a part of a paid partnership with Magnum.